Help us find the cheetahs of Zimbabwe!



In January this year my husband and I have founded Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe. In conjunction with the National Conservation Action plan for Cheetahs, our first goal is to collect data on cheetah occurrence and their population status. The coming year we will be on the road carrying out an interview based assessment in the northwest of the country. As part of our project we have also set up a National Id data base in which we collect sightings and pictures of cheetahs from all over Zimbabwe. As you probably know, each cheetah has a unique set of spots that helps us to identify individuals. If we collect enough pictures from an area we are able to give reliable population estimates.


You can help us by sending us your (old) cheetah sightings and pictures.

If you have seen this shy spotted cat somewhere in the Zimbabwe bush please let us know when and where, how many cheetahs you saw and whether or not they had cubs

(see attached sighting sheet and/or (currently under construction)).

The best pictures are pictures at a 90° angle from the left and right side of the animal, all pictures are welcome though!

Your pictures and sightings will be added to our National ID data base. This way you will be able to contribute to the conservation of this beautiful carnivore in Zimbabwe!


You can send your pictures and sightings to

For any further information you can e-mail us or contact us at 0772 465 553.

If you happen to hunt cheetahs please contact us as well as, apart from sightings and pictures, we are trying to collect DNA samples.


Your help is very much appreciated!

Best wishes,


Esther van der Meer


Dr. Esther van der Meer

Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe