Second Secretary Catherine Carr pictured with Gary Cantle from Friends of Hwange

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25 April 2012

Second Secretary Catherine Carr visits British Embassy Project in Hwange National Park, 6 April 2012.

In 2011, the British Embassy supported the procurement and installation of solar power equipment to pump water into one of the busiest pans in Hwange National Park. The organisation Friends Of Hwange implemented the project at “Kennedy 2” pan in February 2011.  Since then Friends of Hwange have carefully maintained the equipment to ensure the pump can deliver up to 20,000 litres a day which was enough to sustain over 200 elephant at the pan per day during the last dry season.


Solar Panel

The Embassy’s 2nd Secretary, Catherine Carr visited Hwange National Park on 6 April 2012 to see the pump in action. She said “It’s fantastic to finally see the solar power kit in action. The water situation in Hwange is always precarious and pumping boreholes with diesel is expensive and labour intensive. Although on its own the solar panels are not enough to sustain the vast numbers of elephant which visit this pan during the dry season (600+ per day), it is a step towards achieving a more sustainable solution for Hwange. We are grateful to Friends of Hwange who, together with National Parks, work around the clock to keep so many animals alive during the dry season. We thank them for their ongoing commitment to the success of this project. I very much hope that the future will see solar playing a leading role in sustaining a healthy animal population in Hwange – something which is critical for a full recovery of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry”.