Wechi Art Gallery Invitation

Wechi Art Gallery takes pleasure in inviting you to a very special evening with 6 of Zimbabwe’s finest artists, including Kerry Bradford and Tamryn Pohl who live, and have lived (respectively) in Victoria Falls.

The very respected and talented Daryl Nero is headlining, with Calla van Zyl, Fiona Simon and Crispen Mutsadyanga included in the exhibition.

Enjoy a glass of wine and snacks while chatting to the artists or browsing their work.

Entrance fee is $10 and entitles you to a glass of wine and snacks.

The event will be hosted in our gallery above La Serenata Restaurant, 146 Enterprise Road, Highlands. 5.30pm onwards

Baboons on a Limb, by Tamryn Pohl

Crocodiles, by Kerry Bradford