ZimParks fees 2012

by Wild Zambezi


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The Zimbabwe’s Parks and Wildlife Authority has issued its charges for wildlife-based tourism operations in 2012.

We summarise those relevant to Kariba and the Zambezi valley as follows:

Reservations for Parks facilities are opened one year in advance to all clients, including Zimbabwe residents.
Clients are treated on a first come first serve basis, with payment being demanded up front.
The correct e-mail address for National Park reservations is:
Tel:  +263 4 706077/8.

You can also contact the following reservations clerks direct:
Christine Mhuriro: cmhuriro@zimparks.co.zw
Choice Mushunje: cmushunje@zimparks.co.zw

These cover entry into a Park.
(Fees in US$ quoted at 3 levels as follows: International; Regional (SADC); Local Residents.

Mana Pools:  US$30; US$20; US$5
Matusadona:  US$15; US$12; US$5
Kariba (Charara):  US$10; US$8; US$5
Chewore:  US$10; US$8; US$5
Chizarira:  US$10; US$8; US$5
Chinhoyi Caves:  US$10; US$8; US$3
Doma:  US$10; US$8; US$3
Sapi:  US$10; US$8; US$3
Binga:  US$10; US$8; US$3
Dande:  US$10; US$8; US$3

All charges include 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) and 2% tourism levy where applicable.
Clients who enter into Parks Estate without paying entry/river usage fees shall be charged double the normal fees prescribed in this gazette.

1.  Day rates for non-tour operator clients cover single entry into a Park.  Visitors who exit before the day expires will be required to pay for re-entry on the same day.
2.  Tour operator clients will be allowed re-entry on production of copies of pre-submitted lists and identification details relating to entering clients (except for the Victoria Falls rainforest).
3.  Persons resident in Zimbabwe shall be charged the equivalent of the fees charged for.Persons not resident in Zimbabwe unless they produce positive identification of their Zimbabwean residence.
4.  Visitors accommodated in Parks facilities and those entering and continuously staying on a water body shall pay a single day entry/River Usage fees to cover up to 7 days.  River usage fees/person will only be charged where entry fees are not enforceable.
5.  Resident Pensioner above 60 years to pay 50% on entry fees subject to production of Zimbabwean Citizen Identification documents.
6.  Children-
(a) ALL children who are between 6 and 12 years old, shall pay half the adult fees
(b) ALL children under 6 years old, free
{c) Teachers on educational tours with pre-school children shall pay 50% of adult conservation fees, while the bus shall pay the full amount.
(d) Secondary School children and teachers on educational tours shall pay 50% of the adult conservation and river usage fees.
(e) Primary School Children on educational tours shall pay US$1.00 per child and the teachers shall pay 50% of the adult rate.
For all 50% discounts on entry fees, if the client has no coin, round up to the nearest dollar.
  Non-Resident US$10;  Resident US$5 (US$3 in Doma, Sapi, Binga & Dande)
Minibuses (up to 25 people):  Non-Resident US$30; Resident US$15 (US$ 15 in Doma, Sapi, Binga & Dande)
Trailers:  Non-Resident US$10; Resident US$5  (US$3 in Doma, Sapi, Binga & Dande)
Caravans:  Non-Resident US$10; Resident US$5 (US$3 in Doma, Sapi, Binga & Dande)
Buses – special permission is required and only for resident school children, senior Citizens and the disabled.
Private vehicles and minibuses for more than 25 persons, including tour buses and overland trucks, are prohibited.
Motor cycles are not allowed in the Parks Estate.
(Fees in US$ quoted at 2 levels as follows: Non-Resident; Local

Mana Pools:
Special Lodge 2 bedrooms 8 beds:  US$160; US$120
Standard Lodge 2 bedrooms 4 beds:  US$100; US$75
Standard Campsite per site:  US$100; US$75
Exclusive Campsites/site:  US$150; US$115
New Ndungu 1&2 campsites per person:  US$30; US$15
Chitake Exclusive Camps/site:  US$200;  US$150
Chitake 2 campsite per person:  US$30; US$15
Nyamepi Nos: 1,2,4,7,8,10,12,13 &14 per person:  US$20; US$10
Other Nyamepi sites as per Standard Campsite per site above: US$100; US$75

Exclusive Lodge 9 beds: US$120; US$75
Exclusive Campsites/person:  US$25; US$15
Standard Campsite/person: US$15; US$10

Kariba (Charara):
Lodge 3 bedrooms 6 beds:  US$90; US$45
Campsites /person:  US$8; US$5

Developed Campsites /person:  US$8; US$5
Picnic (per site max 6 pp):  US$8; US$5

Bush Camp/person:  US$25; US$10
Platform /person:  US$20; US$10

Chewore North:
Camping/person:  US$20; US$12

All Park Stations:
Hiring Extra Bed per night:  US$20; US$10

1. These fees are for overnight stay in the the lodges, chalets, cottages, camping and picnic facilities.
2. Provided that where firewood is the only means of cooking there shall not be further charges for firewood used.
3. Guests who make bookings and occupy Parks accommodation for seven consecutive nights are entitled to one free night within the continuous period.
4. Accommodation fees are inclusive of 2% tourism levy and VAT.
5. Camping and picnic fees are charged per person unless otherwise specified. All ordinary sites take a maximum of 6 people and one vehicle, Exclusive and undeveloped sites maximum of 12 people and 2 vehicles.
6. All children (6-12 years) to pay special rates for camping 50% of the adult fee.
7. Cancellation Policy
a. Cancellation prior to 30 days   85% refund
b. Cancellation between 15-30 days 70% refund
c. Cancellation between 7-14 days  45% refund
d. Cancellation in less than 7 days   No refund
FIREWOOD per wheelbarrow   US$5

CANOE HIRING (max.4 hours)  US$10 per hr

Hire of services of Authority employees for guided tours, walking and wilderness trails
(Maximum 6 people and a minimum of 3 people is required for this to take place)
Per hour or part thereof-

Guided tours (3 people or more)
Non-residents:  US$10 per person per hour or part thereof
Residents:  U$5 per person per hour or part thereof

Guided tours (less than 3 people)
Non-residents:  US$30 per hour or part thereof
Residents:  US$15 per hour or part thereof

Wilderness Trails (For more than one day, maximum of 6 people)
Non-residents:  US$50 for the first three days and US$40 per day thereafter.
Residents: US$25 per day for the first 3 days and US$15 per person thereafter.
Ordinary Fishing permit Per Park per person, per day (maximum two rods per day).  Bag limit of 5 fish per day.
Mana Pools/Lower Zambezi:  angler /day excluding river usage & conservation fees
Non-residents: US$20
Residents:  US$10

Kariba: angler /day excluding river usage and conservation fees
Non-residents: US$10
Residents: US$5

Binga: angler /day excluding river usage and conservation fees
Non-residents US$5)
Residents:  US$3

Angling and Motorised fishing:  angler /day including river usage fees
Non-residents: US$20;
Residents: US$10
Please note that River Usage fees will only be paid where conservation fees are not enforceable. Therefore all clients accessing the Park through controlled entry points will only pay conservation fees and not river usage fees and vice versa.
(Fees in US$ quoted at 3 levels as follows: International; Regional (SADC); Local)

River Usage Rafting/Canoeing:  US$10; US$10; US$5
River usage Houseboat/Sailing Boats/Speed Boats 1-7 days( excluding fishing):  US$10; US$10; US$5
River Usage Other Areas/Speed Boats/Cruise Boats Kariba/person per day:  US$10; US$10; US$5
River Usage Binga: US$10; US$10; US$5
Private canoeing:
  (per person per sector):
Non-residents: US$20 plus conservation and camping fees/person/day
Residents:  US$10 plus  conservation and camping fees/person/day
Canoeing (other areas) (per day per person)
Non-residents: US$ 10 plus conservation and camping fees/person/day
Residents:  US$5 plus conservation and camping fees/person/day
Commercial, documentary and educational filming and photography (per day or part thereof)
a) Rainforest US$500/day
b) Other Areas US$350.00/day
a) Rainforest US$300.00/day
b) Other areas US$100.00 /day
Note: A copy of the research document, film, or documentary should be submitted to Parks and Wild life Management Authority and the Authority reserves the rights to use photographs, information and results of the study undertaken in its estates. All filming crew to pay applicable conservation fees at 50% of the normal rate.
Release of Impounded Items
Vehicle or Motorized Equipment:
Non-Residents:  US$2000.  Residents US$1000.
Dingies – US$400.00
Fishing Rod – US$30.00