Chikopokopo Helicopters Tours – Chikopokopo Helipad Environmental Impact Assessment Stakeholder consultation

Chikopokopo Helicopters Tours (Private) Limited is a Zimbabwean registered company in the aviation sector. Chikopokopo helicopter tours wishes to conduct scenic flights over the Victoria Falls. The company intends to conduct the operation from the common helipad site at Chamabondo.The site is designated by the Victoria Falls Municipality and lies outside the Victoria falls world heritage site.

This project is prescribed in terms of the Environment Management Act (CAP 20:27), first schedule and therefore cannot be implemented before an Environment Impact Assessment  (EIA)  is  conducted.  In  order  to  satisfy  the  legal  requirements  and achieve best practises, Chikopokopo Helicopter Tours Private Limited has appointed Outrun Investment Consultancy to conduct the EIA. As part of the EIA formulation, Chikopokopo   Helicopter   Tours   Private   Limited   is   conducting   a   stakeholder consultation process at Chinotimba Community Hall, Victoria Falls on 13th of March

2012 at 10am. The stakeholder consultation meeting is meant to ensure that all potential   negative   and   positive   environmental   impacts   are   considered   and sustainably provided for in the implementation of the project. Stakeholder concerns are hereby invited and can be submitted to directly or to consultancy. Stakeholder concerns can be forwarded to any of the contacts below


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