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The just ended special of Emirates Airlines saw fares of below USD 1000 being offered for flights from Harare to London; a big relief after having seen fares of USD 1500 upward over most of 2011
Kenya Airways followed with a special to counter the new competitor of a fare just above USD 1000, unfortunately now also past its date. Virgin Atlantic offers for the month of March an interesting fare of USD 1300 to London. Nyati expects that airlines keep on introducing specials with lower fares.
BA Comair will introduce three new flights effective on 5 April 2012 giving the much needed extra connections between Harare and Johannesburg. Fares averaged USD 450 and even paying USD 500 and more was/is no exception. We have no doubt that these new flights will reduce pressure and will make travelling to South Africa more affordable.
SAA has expanded its route network to include Beijing with exciting launch fares to go with it. Fares range from USD 1010 upwards

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