orphan elephant


From : The Livingstone Weekly
By : Jill Staden

26 Ferbuary 2012

Game Rangers International

A week to the day that Zambia’s National Football team, the mighty Chipolopolo (Copper Bullets), won the Africa Cup another orphaned elephant was rescued in Zambia …

An abandoned young elephant calf walked into the village of Soweto, at the Mozambique border just days ago. ZAWA Officers at Luangwa Boma were called to the scene where rather than being afraid, the little ele was running up to people almost as if he was convinced he would find
his mother. Led by Park Ranger Edward Musonda, the calf was relocated to the ZAWA HQ where the EOP team arrived to support him.

He was incredibly skinny and dehydrates, and took to the bottle of life saving milk without hesitation. At approximately 9 months old he is well developed and can eat grass and browse with vigour, but this is not enough for him to survive, mild is essential. Yet against the odds this little elephant has survived for what looks like weeks without his mother. He is a
real little fighter and so has been named ‘chipolopolo’ in honour of the recent triumphs of Zambia’s National Football team – who also fought their way to the top, against all the odds!

After a 7-hour road journey to Lusaka, little Chipolopolo was safely stabled and with milk in his belly he completely crashed out and enjoyed what must have been his first peaceful sleep for a very long time. He is already very friendly with the keepers and has spent his first day ere wandering through the bush with his new elephant family. We are very pleased with his progress so far.