anti poaching unit

Pete Clemence instructing rangers

PETE CLEMENCE IS A WELL KNOWN NAME AROUND ZIMBABWE Many of you already know that Pete, and Bryce Clemence his son, have undertaken a programme to assist National Parks in up-trading the training of their Rangers and anti-poaching units. Due to all sorts of constraints in recent years, many of these young Rangers were coming out of basic training and straight into the field without the proper skills, or equipment, they needed to do the job required of them. Pete and Bryce are taking groups of them and up-grading their skills in tracking, tactics, weapon handling, communications and other vital knowledge if Parks are to succeed in apprehending poachers. The results have been encouraging recently and there are now many more success stories in taking out poachers and also their network, some of which are based in Zambia and other places. HOWEVER they are appealing to the Public for help. Bear in mind if you even have only one item on the list below, it is one more than they had before. They are grateful for all and any donations in kind or in cash, to keep going. Many members could have odd bits and pieces of equipment lying around in excess of their needs: RADIOS RADIO BATTERIES GPS UNITS AA BATTERIES RAINCOATS BOOTS SLEEPING BAGS BACK PACKS OVERALLS GROUND SHEETS 2 OR 3 MAN TENTS FIRST AID PACKS SPOTTING SCOPES BINOCULARS HIKING WATER BOTTLES DIGITAL CAMERAS TYRES FOR LANDROVER DEFENDERS 110 SPEARS FOR LANDROVER DEFENDERS 110 FUNDS FOR RATIONS ` FUNDS FOR FUEL CONTACT BRYCE CLEMENCE ON 0773 032 532 or e-mail: Please go and look through your garage and sheds before you dismiss this appeal. You would be surprised how much “stuff” people accumulate and then forget about. It could be of enormous help to Pete and Bryce. And its no good left to rot in a dark corner. ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY John F. Kennedy