From : The Livingstone Weekly
By : Gill Staden
12 February 12

Livingstone-Sioma Falls is about 320 km, but it is a 5½ hour journey. Livingstone to Sesheke is 2 hours – a good tar road – but the stretch from Sesheke to Sioma is still a bad dirt road. The road is being worked on by the Chinese but only a short stretch has been completed.


A few weeks ago a group of Livingstone’s kayakers went to Sioma for a few days – to have a look and to test the water.

One of the group, Sean:

We had a great trip to Sioma, a big thank you to Andie and Hemingways for providing the vehicle, they are really superb, you literally have everything you need in exactly the places you need it. Me, Mike, Andie and Sven went up there two weeks ago and had a great time. What an amazing place.

Looking at other peoples pictures and talking to them, kayaking levels vary a lot. Mikey found one waterfall that was good to go and we had a great time running it. We also paddled around and had
a look at the other sections of the falls. We were
very nervous of crocs but had no incidents.

We camped at the Zawa campsite which is great. It is quite a walk to the falls from there,
especially carrying boats. However, it is the closest camp site to the falls and right next to one of the best beaches I have ever seen.

The camp is a bit old but well kept, with functioning eco-loos which are great. They look
to have three separate campsites, we were the only ones there. Water is carried from the river and the attendant keeps a couple barrels full, definitely make sure you take chlorinate. They do also provide hot showers.

For four of us camping for three nights including park entry it was K420,000 which was really reasonable.

They have a peace parks man there who stays at the camp and he told us about the plans to fence in the area and re-stock it with game as part of the entire peace parks process. Looks like it may develop into a major destination.

Though getting there is a mission. The drive to Sesheke is pretty easy but from there it is hell on a dirt road. There is road work going on, but it looks like it is nowhere near being finished. It took us five and a half hours from Livingstone, but it was raining hard so we were taking it easy. All in all great place to visit, but perhaps only once a year due to the drive!