From : The Livingstone Weekly
By:  Gill Staden
12February 12

Liuwa-Mussuma Cross-border Conservation Area


Under the guidance of Peace Parks Foundation a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Luanda recently. The MOU is a joint initiative between Angola and Zambia for the Liuwa-Mussuma Conservation Area. The area covers much of the migration route of the wildebeest and zebra which congregate on Liuwa Plain during the rainy season and then disperse during the dry season.


From Peace Parks Foundation


The Liuwa Plains-Mussuma transfrontier conservation area between Angola and Zambia protects the largest migratory population of blue wildebeest in the miombo ecosystem in Africa. Every year massive herds of blue wildebeest migrate from Zambia to Angola and back again, traversing the plains in their thousands and very often mingling with zebra along the way.  The TFCA will also protect a significant portion of the catchment area for the Zambezi River, Africa’s fourth largest river system.

Liuwa Plain-Mussuma is considered as one of the most important conservation areas, because of presenting most number of migratory animal species with international importance, such as blue wild beast (Gnu) and zebras, in addition to a potential exceptional biological diversity.