James Fraser Mackenzie

Dear Old Georgians,

James Fraser-Mackenzie, the College’s Head Boy last year, has qualified to row in the 2012 Olympic Games in UK and is now preparing for this monumental challenge.

Apart from being an exceptional sportsman, Jamie is modest and unassuming and academically very bright: he’ll most likely end up at Oxford University, where he’s hoping to be awarded a rowing scholarship.

Take a look at his profile and see what he’s achieved in a very short space of time; you’ll be impressed – so let’s help him as much as we can. OGs willing to offer him financial support are thanked in advance, as your assistance will go a long way towards helping him achieve his dream – please see attachments for further information.

Jamie’s outstanding Olympic bid is just one of many achievements: this is an OG about whom we can be immensely and justly proud, so let’s support him in his hour of need.

Fraser-Mackenzie Profile

Fraser-Mackenzie Olympic bank account_details

Fraser-Mackenzie Itinerary

Fraser-Mackenzie Budget for Proposals