Nile Crocodile


Written by Davies M.M Chanda Saturday, 04 February 2012

By Times Reporter

THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Livingstone has killed a crocodile that has been terrorising residents on the banks of Maramba River.

ZAWA area warden Rodger Nkhoma confirmed the development, saying the reptile was killed at 23:54 hours on Thursday in Messenger area of Maramba Township.

He said his office had received a report that the reptile on January 30, last year had attacked Richard Mulenga, 33 who had since been hospitalised and amputated in Livingstone General Hospital.

He said Mulenga resides in Kashitu Dambwa site but happened to find himself in the area.

Mr Nkhoma said crocodiles were common in the rain season as they tended to come to the banks.

“This is the time of year when even shallow pools of water harbour the crocodiles. They come out of the big rivers like the
Zambezi and go into the pools in the smaller rivers like the Maramba,” he said.

He said the Zambezi River connects to small channels and during the rainy season the crocodiles drift to these channels. He cautioned people as they move at night to desist from walking near pools and that people should be alert when crossing rivers.

And the victim of the attack, Mulenga speaking from his hospital bed, said medical authorities had no choice but to amputate his leg that the reptile mauled.

He explained that he was attacked around 18.00 hours as he was trying to cross the Maramba River between Maramba and Libuyu Townships in Messenger area.

He said he was only rescued by some well-wishers after he shouted for help when he was attacked.

He appealed for assistance from well wishers.

And another victim George Libamba said he was trying to cross the river from Maramba to Libuyu and he just felt a grip on his leg.

Mr Libamba, who was attacked on the left leg, said he was trying to cross the river around 03.00 hours when the crocodile attacked him.

A resident of Messenger near the river crossing, Lyson Mwanza, said he had been rescuing people each time he heard someone screaming for help.

He was happy to witness the killing of the reptile by ZAWA officers.

A check by the Times found scores of on-lookers at the scene where the reptile had been shot.