I’ve been a professional tour guide / field guide and have been
working in the tourism industry for 11 years now. I love nature and
the bush very much and also sharing my knowledge of animals and
South-Africa with overseas guests.

I am looking for work at the moment and was recently working in the
Caprivi at Mazambala Island Lodge as a assistant manager but had to
return to South-Africa because of the fact that my application for a
workpermit was unsuccessful.

I am positive that with my knowledge of animals, fauna and flora and
South-Africa that I can be a benefit for any company. If you need any
further information regarding myself or my don’t hesitate to contact
me on +27 (0)72 671 2008.

Attached please find a copy of my Curriculum Vitae.

Thanking you and kind regards

Jan-Francis Vorster

Download (DOC, 17KB)