By Roger and Lesley Ashby
3 January 2012

Having set out in the late morning of what turned out to be a sweltering day reaching some 40 degrees, we began our round at the well-maintained and lush Elephant Hills Golf Course.

Assisted very ably by our caddies and accompanied by a constant stream of white butterflies, we very quickly realised after the stroke 2 first hole and the picturesque second hole, named Charlie’s Pond, that this was going to be no walk in the park.

Almost half of the holes have water hazards and our skills were tested time and again where accuracy and course management were required, most notably at the challenging trio of 13, 14 and 15, being possibly the 3 toughest holes on the course.

Both 13 and 14 have narrow fairways protected by trees and the 14th ‘Rippling Waters’ is also protected by water along one side as well as around the green. The deceptively attractive 15th also requires an accurate tee shot to stay out of trouble.

With the enjoyable distractions of the impala casually crossing the 9th fairway ahead, the family of warthog digging and feasting under the trees, and the majestic waterbuck observing with detachment our progress up the long par 4 sixteenth hole; Elephant Hills is without doubt one of the most interesting and enjoyable courses to play and is highly recommended.