Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit


Dear Supporters

At the close of another year in our mission to combat poaching, VFAPU must thank all our supporters for their valuable contributions throughout the year. I cannot emphasise enough just how vital it is that we all make a stand together to save our wildlife, not just for us but for the benefit of generations to come.

Since the unit was founded it 1999, VFAPU has removed nearly 21000 wire snares from the bush, has apprehended over 560 serious offender poachers and has treated and released over 150 mammals that were injured through poaching activities. The unit currently has 16 scouts working seven days a week, patrolling an area of 50 square kilometres surrounding Victoria Falls, as well as large parts of the Zambezi National Park. VFAPU works closely with and in support of the National Parks and Wildlife Management of Zimbabwe in a collective effort to fight poaching in the region.

Please refer to a break-down of statistics for the year listed below. Should you require any additional or more detailed information, please contact me on the contacts listed above. Let us look forward to a successful year ahead and VFAPU looks forward to working with you all in 2012.

Thanks also to National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Victoria Falls Municipal Police and the Tourism Police.


Snares located: 388
Persons apprehended within National Park estate: 291 – (13 x mammal poachers, 18 x illegal miners, 152 x wood poachers, 36 x Illegal vendors, 7 x Illegal entry into parks estate, 1 x drug dealers, 1 x selling game meat illegally, 4 x fish poachers, 1 x smuggler)
Mammals darted: 11 (4 x warthog, 4 x elephant, I x kudu, 2 buffalo)
Mammals poached: 34 (6 x eland, 4 x kudu, 3 x elephant, 1 x hippo, 7 x buffalo, 1 x waterbuck, 4 x warthog, 1 x porcupine, 2 x impala, 1 x sable, 2 x baboon, 1 x spotted hyena, 1 x bushbuck)