Rose of Charity

Three hundred and sixty five days have come to an end. Rose Of Charity beneficiaries and the entire fraternity would like to extend their very hearty thanks to everyone who contributed to the successful running of the organization through your valued works, contributions, i.e. donation of fees, groceries, clothes, cash and prayers. Blessed be the work of your hands and be multiplied in abundance. We cannot thank everyone enough for your involvement and willingness to assist beyond your comfort zones. Thank you very much.

We would like to take this opportunity to place on record that we have managed to come up with an income generating project ie poultry. The fowl run has been completed at the back of the house in which we intend to keep about 600 chickens at a time for sale.

Rose of Charity is going to hold Girl Power! workshops throughout 2012 empowering girl child and youth with the help of the Global Global Sojourns.
Chicken run will kick start in February, we will produce best chickens ever that will be sold to hotels in Victoria Falls for income generation
Teddy Bear project is ongoing , we need more hand sewing machines to empower girl child
With assistance from Global Sojourns we will be building a library with more computers, primary and secondary books.
“lt starts with soccer organization” is bringing more activities to empower both boy and girl child and the community at large on behavior change in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Soccer tournaments, Sewing etc.
Mosaic art and painting facilitated by Flame lily Mosaic, and MEGA Signs & art creation .
We are looking forward to build a Pre School that will charge a small fee to accommodate other less privileged families.
Family volunteers will be visiting on June 22-24 Marie Le Rosie.

Be part of the kids this year share the little that you have with the marginalized in Victoria Falls. However this will produce a friendly environment to our tourist by reducing begging in the streets

…a candle does not loose its light by lighting another…

Compiled by;
Simangele Khumalo-Moyo
Mobile:263774785464/712 515 826

Rose of Charity hugs goes out to the following:

2011 Donater Items Donated Remarks
1 Lizzie Speakman/Glynis Leanne(London) Our Patrons .Responsibly with
the orphanage rentals since 2008 and monthly support of six
children eg Fees, the blind
We are looking for donations to
build our own structure.
2 Dawna DeJiacomo On our Board of Directors and
gives guidance on all charity matters, leads fund raising as well
as raising money for the HIV children.
3 Mountain Vista
High School (America)
Raised money through school
fundraisers to purchase the charity a computer and sewing
4 Nilan Munasinghe (Australia) Raised money to pay for
children’s uniforms and garden tools.
5 Seventh Day
Adventist Church Path Finders
Spiritual Guidance, Clothes ,
Food and Games
6 Prime Art
Gallery(Vic Falls)
7 Arise and Shine
org _Bulawayo
Facilitated the Teddy bear making
Thank you for the support of our
Teddy Bear project that empowers single mothers and orphaned
8 African Impact(Zimbabwe) Clothes, feeding, training and
voluntary work.
Every Saturday all the children
are being fed by volunteers from African impact
9 Kerry
Bradford(Vic Falls)
Toys, Blankets and clothes
10 Rotary Club(Vic Falls) Entertainment, school fees Rotary and organizers of the
Victoria Falls Marathon worked together to raise funds for Rose
Of Charity.
11 Sarah Norton Groceries and Blankets
12 Shoestring/Backpackers_Mags Groceries Mags –look after the
wellfare of the in-house babies.
13 ACET Zimbabwe led by [Pastor] Godfrey Mhlanga Networking Our Patron, supporter who help us
with planning & implementing of stragetic plans. Supplies of
IEC materials,ie,pamphlets,booklets and posters
14 Threads 20 m of school uniform material &
Christmas hamper
Material was used to make school
uniforms for the girls at Mosi Secondary school.
15 Abigal and Clarke
Dhana (Vic Falls
Teddies and Christmas hamper
16 Olga R Mutamba
(Vic Falls)
Mealie meal
17 Judy Cumming Library books Book club donated children’s
books however we still need more books for education empowerment.
18 Yvette Rupiya Clothes
19 Tonya Meikle Clothes ,Toys and Foods From time to time we receive
visits from the Meikle family
20 Bruno @ Wild
Horizon, Jed and Gerorge
Clothes , Toys
21 Harvest House
International church ladies
Spiritual learning,Clothes Kids need that motherly love from
time to time.
22 Prime Minister’s Office 39 blankets and Toys came from
the Prime minister office
23 Victoria Falls
Christmas hamper
24 Victoria Falls
Primary School
Cakes,clothes,lunch tins and
drinking bottles
25 Ellen Nhira(Gogo
26 Mayelane
Tours/Africa Travel Tours
Transport They have helped us with
transport whenever there is need.
27 Wilderness
28 Standard Chartered Bank Kids desks and Chairs Education is the basis of poverty
aleviation, thank you for the desk you have donated towards
29 Victoria Falls
Support We send tender regards to our
local authority for the good relationship that we have with them.
30 The Honorable Minister of Youth & Gender: Saviours
Five thousand tones of Maize It was an honour and a privileged
to be visited by the Minster and he interacted with the kids.
31 Cathrina Gover Support For her love and kindness we send
thousands Rose Of Charity hugs.
32 Kathy Freston (America) Medication,Food and day to day
running of the Orphanage
A good leader ,mother and good
advicer.Whenever our spirits are low talk to her you become
motivated and back to work. She has helped us with vegetarian
food which is good for children’s health, hence we have
witnessed its impact
33 Victoria falls
Christian Centre international
Prayers, Toys and stationery
34 Worth School -Thomas Hicks (Scotland) Poultry Project 15 year old Thomas Hicks raised
money through school fundraisers that worked towards
building(poultry project) ,medicine and food
35 John and Sharon Sina (America) Poultry Project Our Grand Parents .Ever since we
met them they have donated towards ‘the day to day running
of the orphanage hence we have managed to build and finish the
poultry project through their support.
36 Marriane Knud School Fees Adopted twenty children that she
pays fees for.
37 Louise Hopkins(U.K) Monthly donation towards school
related issues
Thank you for your commitment to
help children
38 Jonsplit Trading
shop 20B Landela Complex
39 Royal Bakers Mr &
Mrs Xaba
Daily donation of bread We love you we acknowledge you
40 Seven Elleven Christmas Hampers