Victoria Line of Showerheads

Showerhead named after the “Victoria Falls” lets hope it resembles high water.. although low water may reflect the lack of water in some parts of Zimbabwe – Ed.

RENO, Nev., Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — ConservCo® today announced the launch of their newest line of plumbing fixtures, the Waterfall™ series of full-flow, multi-function showerheads. The line includes six new offerings and introduces the brand names Multnomah™ and Victoria™.

The Multnomah™ series of Waterfall™ showerheads is named after Multnomah Falls in Oregon. The Multnomah™ is a wide-faced “Rain-Style” showerhead that offers 5 unique spray patterns. It comes in both a fixed and a handheld version. Multnomah™ showerheads are the only 5-function rain-style showerheads on the market.

The Victoria™ series of Waterfall™ showerheads is named after Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe – the largest waterfall in the world. The Victoria™ offers 7 different spray patterns and also comes in a fixed and a handheld version.

ConservCo® completes the line by taking a fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead from each series and then packaging them together into what the company calls a “Combo-Pack”.

“We created the Combo-Pack to offer consumers even more value,” said company President, Lauren Sellyei. The Combo-Pack includes two showerheads and a 3-way diverter. With the diverter the two showerheads can work independently or together in one bath. Or, the consumer can separate them and use one showerhead in one bath and the second in a different bath. “It’s like a ‘buy one – get one free’ value every day of the week,” added Sellyei.

ConservCo® has been selling showerheads since 2008 and the introduction of the Waterfall™ series marks a turning point in the company’s strategy. “We exited the low-flow segment of the business to concentrate on what consumers and retailers told us was most important to them: a moderately-priced, full-flow fixture with multiple functions. And, we delivered,” Sellyei continued. Multnomah™ 5-function showerheads retail for what many manufactures offer a single function showerhead and Victoria™ 7-function showerheads sell at prices more commonly seen for a three-function showerhead. The showerheads also include a lifetime warranty.

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