Update from VictoriaFalls24: VF24 can confidently inform our readers that Victoria Falls does now have fuel and as long as the people are prepared to check with the various stations in town they will find fuel available.

There are 6 Fuel outlets in Victoria Falls.

Fuel Shortage in Victoria Falls

From http://bulawayo24.com
2011 December 29

Panic has gripped Victoria Falls after filling stations ran out of fuel. The resort town is expecting 8 000 tourists for the Falls Festival.

The anticipated influx of tourists comes at a time when hotels and lodges are fully booked. In a snap survey yesterday, all service stations in the town had no fuel.

Motorists were seen milling around these stations anticipating new fuel deliveries. This was the second time that Victoria Falls has run out of fuel during the festive season.

“The service stations should have anticipated the huge turnout of tourists coming in for the festive season. They should have ordered or requested more fuel, now we are forced to go look for fuel from dealers,” Mark Nicolson, a tourist from Namibia said.

Five litres of petrol was being sold at US$15 on the parallel market while diesel was at US$13 the same quantity.

Meanwhile, the South African electro-hop music duo Locnville – the main act at the Falls Fest – is expected to arrive in the country on Thursday.

Internationally recognised artists such as Evicted, Clint & Co, The First Descent, Crash-Car-Burn and Ghapi would also grace the festival.