One of many paintings of David Livingstone being attacked by the Lion


AS Zambia prepares for the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly to be co-hosted by Livingstone and Victoria Falls Town in Zimbabwe, it is also the same year when the country’s tourism capital will be celebrating the David Livingstone Bicentenary (DLB).
And in order to see to it that the DLB event gets the best attention locally and internationally, a local committee to be led by Rory Young has been formed known as the Livingstone Arts, Cultural and Sporting Events Development Organisation.
The organising committee comprises Mr. Young (chairperson), Marjet Young (vice-chairperson), Belinda Hodge (secretary, marketing and UK liaison), Kennedy Chaile (arts and culture), Trevor Spencer (sport), Fred Mwendapole (liaison officer) and Laurent Marie (academic conference).
Public relations, government and company liaison officer Fred Mwendapole announced the formation of the organisation at a media breakfast held at Livingstone Golf Club recently.