Victoria Falls Tram Company wishes to announce and to confirm that a Vintage styled Diesel Tram has been ordered and is presently under construction Johannesburg, Gauteng. The Tram is modelled after the open sided Brill Trams of circa 1890 and the contractors PROF Engineering have made every endeavour to retain the overall look, exceptional quality and feel of a late 19th century Tram.
The Tram will seat approximately 28 passengers on 8 comfortable wooden slatted benches, 6 of which have flipped over (tram-type) seat-backs to allow passengers to face in either direction of travel. The Tram will be able to attain a speed of 23km/h in the interest of passenger safety and comfort. The open sides of the Tram will have roll-down awnings for weather protection for passengers when required and the alighting an disembarking of passengers can be accomplished with ease for the elderly and children due to the two low raiser, non-slip fixed steps on either side which cover the full length of the Tram.
The Tram is designed to meet all (and a lot more) of the regional railway systems safety and operating specifications in terms of operating on a main rail network. The train is further fitted with forward, rear and aerial lighting for night travel & tours including red tail lights for each direction of travel.
The Tram will operate from the Victoria Falls Station offering a daily, scheduled service to the Victoria Falls Bridge & Rain Forrest. It will also offer runs and transfers from Palm Grove Siding (opposite the Royal Livingstone) and the Livingstone Station. The tram will offer transfers to the Lodges/Bomas/ Elephants tours on the rail line south to Jafuta and Sekuti. This would be an amazing transfer experience for visitors and the agents who are working with the tour operators in this area.
Finally, not only will be Tram have an inboard bar and refreshment service, PA system and the necessary certification for night travel, we at VFTC believe that our passengers and fellow operators will be very happy with the affordable cost of travel we will be providing you with.
Obviously, the Big Question is when will we be operational? We are expecting the Tram to be delivered to Vic Falls during February 2012 and after completion of handover and operations training, we at The Tram Company and our staff will start our scheduled runs early in March 2012.