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24 November 2011

Kerry grew up in Nepal in the city of Kathmandu and travelled much of the world as a young child, allowing her to compile the extensive visual mental library that inspires her art. She studied Fine Art in Bristol (UK) before moving to Zimbabwe in 1991, and has lived in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), ever since with her husband and three children. Her work combines all the languages of art – line, texture, colour, sculpture, form, tone and composition, all woven together to create her unique art.

Her work is based on reality, but never ends up that way, hidden images and depth keep you looking longer and seeing more. She scratches, scrapes, paints and draws, using a wide variety of mediums and styles, often combining exquisite detail with a quirky twist. Her work is sometimes illustrative and decorative, sometimes dark and disturbingly beautiful.
Kerry is a multi-talented artist and her work is diverse – ranging from scrap metal sculptures to gesso oil paintings, from mosaics to illustrations and interior design. This website documents her work and diverse talent within its beautiful pages. Contact Kerry directly regarding prices or artistic commissions of any nature. Many of the works displayed on this site are also available for purchase.