Tourists at Rainforest Restaurant

Victoria Falls Rainforest Restaurant

The Restaurant at the Rainforest in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe has reopened.

After a long standing dispute, the restaurant situated at the entrance to the rainforest,  has reopened. Clients visiting the Falls seemed delighted with the opportunity to sit and relax in the open air, gum pole and thatch restaurant, enjoying a light meal and a much needed cold drink.  For over 6 months the restaurant has been embroiled in a debate on whether the proprietors, apparently a partnership between the Department of National Parks and local tourism company Shearwater Adventures, had correctly undertaken the required Environmental Impact Assessment.  This report is required in order to open such a facility within the boundaries of this small Park.

On talking to some management at the restaurant as well as some of the National Parks staff on hand it seems they are hopeful that the dispute is now over, and the facility will be open for the long run. It was also made clear that visitors wanting to enjoy a meal or even a cup of coffee at the restaurant would have to pay the full National Parks entrance fee even if they are not wanting the visit the Falls themselves.

Rainforest restaurant and interpretive centre

Restaurant and Interpretive Centre


In recent times the entrance to the Falls, including the interpretive material, the toilet facilities and the shop have all seen a welcome upgrade in standards.