Dripping tapFrom : Newera.com.na
by George Sanzila and Mutonga Matali
10 November 2011

Katima Mulilo residents have been without tap water for the past three days and have been compelled to walk or drive to the Zambezi River to draw untreated water in plastic buckets and other containers for their daily needs.

The current water crisis not only exposes residents to health hazards but has virtually disrupted preparations for examinations by students at the University of Namibia (Unam) satellite campus at Katima Mulilo as they have to spend valuable time in search of water.

Yesterday, Katima Mulilo Unam campus administrator, Charles Siyauya, told New Era that the situation was “really bad” and that the problem had disrupted normal operations at the campus.

“It is really bad. Imagine students have to walk long distances to the river to fetch contaminated water,” said Siyauya, adding that this could hamper the students’ preparations for their final examinations that commenced yesterday.

“They have to go in the bush to answer the call of nature because they cannot use the toilets. It is a compromise on students,” said Siauya, also an outspoken Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) member.

He said that the water crisis had also affected construction work for the erection of new classrooms and renovations at the library, noting that everything had come to a halt.

Siyauya described the situation as “an emergency” and hoped it would be resolved soon.

The water disruption has been attributed to a broken water pump. For now, the town council has started to ration water by availing water for an hour since the crisis started.

The adage “water is life” seems not to apply to the administrators at the Katima Mulilo Town Council who, without prior notice on Saturday, shut down the town’s main water pipeline.

This unilateral action has soured already poor relations with residents who woke up on Saturday without water. Residents