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Luanda – The National Assembly approved Thursday a treaty providing for the establishment of conservation Okavango-Zambezi cross-border zone, during the III legislative plenary meeting.

The issue deserved favourable opinion by the Commissions of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Angolan Community Abroad, Constitutional and Legal Affairs, National Defence and Internal Order.

Commissions of Health, Environment, Social Action and Employment, Former Combatants, Family, childhood and women promotion, also contributed with their opinion.

The Parliamentary commissions referred that the memorandum of understanding aims at establishing border conservation area of Okavango – Zambezi, approved at Cabinet Council, during their session held on 2 May 2007.

The project will cover not only environmental and conservation issues but also sustainable development of respective areas, through the tourism and the materialisation of millennium goals.

Therefore, the source mentioned, reduction of poverty, insertion of emerging environmental matters and social paradigms, such as climate changes and HIV/AIDS.

Despite its approval by unanimity, the theme raised hot debates and interest by the MPs at the session, whose doubts were clarified by the Angolan minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Chicoti, who presented the bill.