From : Kitft
29 October 2011
Mana Meadows

The 50th Anniversary Kariba Invitational Tiger Fish Tournament has truly been one to remember. Long after the fishing-shirt tans have faded, the tiger have been mounted and the excitement has eventually settled, the lasting memory most of the 1000-plus anglers who attended KITFT will take away from the past week is that it has been a happy one.

The festivity was enjoyed across the board. There were the die-hard KITFT veterans. There were the spiffily dressed professionals whose year-long (in some cases life-time) dream had been to win the 50th. There were the novice anglers who’d never fished a tournament before, the ex-Zimbabweans who came home from all corners of the globe just to “Fish the 50th”. There were the international visitors who chose this tournament as the one to return to this special country and see just how much we have got back on our feet.

This year the trophy, along with what must be the indescribable pride of winning the 50th, belonged to Remington Gold. With a total score of 171.855 and the heaviest catch and highest score on all three days of the tournament, they were convincing and deserved winners. In second place was Team Nissan with 153.38 points, followed by Charter X (145.07 points).
Bud Cockcroft, Fraser Mackay and Rob Osborne

Rodney Mackay receiving his trophy for the heaviest individual total weight from honorary guest Bill Green

The event has been exciting and excellently organised from start to finish. The incredibly slick running of the event, carried out by the very competent and hard-working KITFT Committee along with their close-knot team of marshals, officials and of course enabled by the sponsors, has been remarked on by competitors throughout the event. Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony Tournament Director Rod Bennett paid tribute to all the sponsors, marshals, officials, committee members, competitors and Charara Site Management for contributing to the overall success of an event that will be remembered for a long time to come. He also thanked Bill Green, the honorary guest flown in for the day from Harare who fished the first tournament back in 1962. At 99 years old, Green bravely faced the Kariba heat and over 2000 strong crowd.

The revelry had begun way before the weigh-bay, and certainly was well underway by prize-giving. For many it many it started at breakfast and it continued into until breakfast the next day. Excellent performances of toot-tapping-hoof-flicking familiar favourites by Bud Cockcroft, Fraser Mackay, Rob Osbourne, The band 134 and DJ Frank Renalds made the night what it was – and indeed their combined efforts over the past week have been a real highlight of the tournament.

More on the fishing:

The biggest fish of the tournament was caught by Reegan Ingram with his 10.8 kg fish. Ingram caught his prize on the morning of the first day of the tournament and the closest anyone came was Keith Lyon Jnr (from South Africa) who caught a 8.17 tiger yesterday. Leeroy Oliver’s 8.15 was the third heaviest fish. Reegan Ingram won himself the Riverbird boat generously sponsored by Nashua, Fibercraft and Chase Marine.

Shiloh Swart caught the largest number of fish, catching 31 and earning his team 67.945 points. Rodney Mackay won the trophy for the heaviest total weight of fish (76.675 points) and Brenda Marchussen won the trophy for the ladies heaviest total catch. Karen Kirstein caught the largest fish out of the ladies with her 6.755 kg tiger.

Test of the Best is set for the 24th and 25th of February