KITFT 2011

From : KITFT

Reporter: Mana Meadows

Today marks the anniversary of 50 years of official Kariba Invitational Tiger Fish Tournaments. And what a pre-tournament buzz! Charara campsite is bustling, Patterson Bay is jam-packed with houseboats and the lake was frenetic with boats busy with last minute scrambles to test “spots”, gauge water temperatures and ascertain depths.

The Captain’s Meeting was the most packed it’s been in ten years. Team entries sat at 267 teams – with an impressive foreign turnout representing nine countries. One team each entered from Mozambique, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Swaziland… and Norway! Nine Zambian teams entered and an incredible 35 teams from South Africa are present. 2010’s tournament saw 143 teams entering – with only 16 of those being foreign.

We’ll keep you informed on the latest from the weigh-bay at the close of the day but for now all we can tell you regarding the fishing front is that things were looking pretty quiet. Or at least that’s what the anglers we spoke to said… Brief stops around Antelope and Tsetse islands, Gache Gache river mouth and the bream cages revealed very little action. There were a number of theories behind it. Some said the lake water hadn’t yet warmed up enough, others said the water was too high, and there were also suggestions that the stillness of the water may have been playing a part.

Danie and Lousie Swart fishing for Nashua said, “Something needs to happen within the next few days. But they are around. They’re swirling around.”