Around the World in 80 Days on the History Channel

October 17, 2011

In this week’s episode of Around the World in 80 Ways, Rob Mariano and Dennis Anderson are traveling around in Africa on their way to a place called Victoria Falls. The boys have used 17 modes of transportation so far. How are they getting around at the moment? They are flying high. Actually they are 10, 000 feet above the ‘skeleton coast’ in Chinese fighter planes. This becomes mode #18. Rob and Dennis are having a blast cruising the skies.

Only 1000 miles to go to get to Victoria Falls. As soon as they hop off the planes, the guys find a couple of fire bikes which were used long ago to put out fires. These bikes were easy to get through traffic on the way to a fire. This mode #19 took the guys through rugged terrain in the Kalahari Desert. However, they ditch the bikes when they spot an old car that Dennis thinks he can turn it into a safari car. They start knocking out the windows but it becomes clear that Rob is mechanically challenged. Dennis takes over the renovation as Rob sets out to explore. Unfortunately, he finds an annoying megaphone that is clearly something Dennis hates. Dennis turns the old jalopy into a masterpiece as it is all decked out in zebra stripes. With Dennis driving and Rob using his megaphone, they continue on their journey. They have now constructed transportation mode #20 on Around the World in 80 Ways.

Dennis loses his temper with Rob as they get into a spiff over Rob’s noisiness and Dennis ends up crashing the car in the desert. Will the guys get along enough to finish what they started? All is well after Rob gives Dennis a peace offering…a bottle of bourbon. They get woken up in the morning by the Bushmen of Kalahari. The ‘sand people’ talk the boys into walking barefoot through the desert. The Bushmen walk is mode #21.

Dennis and Rob are in another town in search of more transportation. How about a donkey? They decide to race the donkeys through town to make this #22. As the winner of this race, Ron gets to relax on a pontoon boat while Dennis does all the work. The pontoon across the delta is transportation mode #23.

The final leg of this journey to Victoria Falls takes them on a motorized canoe, mode #24. Dennis has trouble with the motor as the crocodiles get a little too close for comfort. As they are cruising the waters, they run upon a few elephants of which Dennis seems to communicate with them. At least he thinks he does. Rob is busy taking pictures of the baby elephants to show his daughters back at home. What a great dad he is. The hippos do not seem to like being bothered in their waters and makes it known they want the boys to leave. Hippos can be vicious so they stay clear of them.

They finally make it to the falls. It is a sight to see. Rob and Dennis are in awe of the treacherous water. Rob teases Dennis that he thinks he could make it over the falls in a barrel and tricks Dennis into believing he really does as he sees a barrel going over. Is Rob really that crazy? Dennis might have thought so.

This episode found 7 more ways to get around for Rob and Dennis with only 56 more to go. Will they make it? Find out on next week’s Around the World in 80 Ways Sunday nights at 11pm on the History Channel.