Air Zimbabwe Fleet

From VF24

As Zimbabwe and in particular Victoria Falls’ tourism numbers begin to increase this is the last thing that the industry needs as it only reinforces the “naysayers’” argument that the infrastructure in the country is not yet ready for full blown tourism.

There is only one option to fly between Harare ( The capital of the country ) and Victoria Falls ( Zimbabwe’s most important tourist asset ) that is with Air Zimbabwe.

For some reason the ministry of transport in Zimbabwer has avoided allowing other airlines to fly this route and make this a viable way for tourists to access the Falls and in return, for those visiting the Falls, via flights from South Africa, to access the rest of Zimbabwe and enjoy the many places of beauty the country has to offer.

One VF24 reader commented “As a result of Air Zimbabwe continually letting passengers down there are a lot of travel agents and operators that refuse to book their clients with Air Zimbabwe, as there are no other airlines on this route and the fact that the cost of Air charter is prohibitively expensive we are losing out on tourist dollars in Zimbabwe’s other tourist centers”