Tour ya Botswana Cycling Fundraiser

September 30, 2011 0 Comment

This past week, 36 riders took part in the inaugural Tour Ya Botswana Fundraising cycling challenge.

Riders from Botswana, U.K, South Africa & the United States cycled over 1000 Km across Botswana to raise funds for two great charities: the Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network (BOSASNet) & The Kings Foundation. The Seven day tour which commenced in Kasane on the 18th of September lasted for six days & ended with a fun ride & sportive event in Gaborone on Saturday the 24th.

The conclusion to the week of hard work was a successful gala dinner, held at GICC.

Tour Ya Botswana is an amateur 1,000km cycling tour from Kasane to Gaborone that aims to raise funds and profiles of the King’s Foundation and BOSASNet, (the two recipient charities) and raise the profile of cycling and a healthy active lifestyle in Botswana. The event attracted national and international attention and many high profile individuals and companies expressed an interest in being associated with the event.

The sportive event hosted by Energym on Saturday the 24th was a great event for the whole family that saw at least 100 riders of different ages and abilities dust off their bikes for a recreational ride across the city. This event comprised of different challenges, with the youngest rider aged 8 completing the 20km challenge.

BOSASNet has been proud to be part of these events: as counsellors, we aim to support people and families with substance abuse issues and one of our aims is to assist people to develop substance abuse free lifestyles. Health and fitness can be a big part of that and sport is one way you can challenge yourself, feel successful, make new friends and develop a positive attitude. The Tour Ya Botswana riders have proved that you can achieve anything once you set yourself that challenge!

MYTH: Alcohol gives you energy to keep active
FACT: Alcohol is a depressant and actually makes you sleepy; it slows down your motor skills which effects the way you think, move and react.

If you are interested in finding out more about BOSASNet and our activities, or you would like advice and support on substance abuse issues, please call 395- 9119 or 72659891. You can also SMS your comments (see below) or find us on facebook.