FOVC logo kindly designed by Larry Norton


The Committee apologises for the apparent silence since our last update. We have been busy behind the scenes putting structures and systems in place. Key areas we are looking at are:

FOVF website
FOVF Constitution which should be finalised shortly and availed to all members

Communications have been a bit of a challenge with some e-mail addresses bouncing back. Unfortunately some of the handwritten contacts were not very legible and we possibly have the wrong addresses. Please bear with us as we try to update the database correctly. If you do know of anyone who is not receiving updates, please forward their details so that we can update our records


We would like to thank all who have pledged support in cash or kind for the Chamabondo Assistance appeal mentioned in the last update


We are thrilled to reveal the FOVF logo which we hope will soon be recognised far and wide

Thanks go to Larry Norton for designing the logo


Following an outcry by a number of concerned individuals, FOVF have followed up with the Municipality on the issue of spraying the town, in particular the sewerage ponds. We have been assured that spraying will commence on 20th September 2011. We will keep an eye on this and follow up again if necessary


In order to get feedback and involvement from the community on issues of concern, we will introduce an opinion poll going forwards. The community is encouraged to send their feedback through to us so that we know which issues need to be taken up with the relevant people. The subject for this issue is:


Advertising has begun for the year end Falls Fest which promises to be bigger and better than last year. Some residents have raised concerns about the proposed fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. The concern is largely to do with the effect on the wildlife in the vicinity of this area – not to mention domestic pets like dogs, who are affected by the loud noises.

Do you think such a big display is necessary? YES / NO

Results of the poll will be circulated

Yours sincerely,

Friends of Vic Falls Committee