Musango Safari Camp


Welcome to our third newsletter of the 2011 season! Happy reading and see you soon!

The re-thatching of two of the lodges is complete. We are awaiting delivery of the timber for the new tent frames and the cushion cover material for the new teak furniture is awaited with great anticipation – Musango soon to be decked out with new Morris design teak furniture. The teak loungers are already in use and were being fought over during the half term break (Cheryl Coetzee being the winner – most of the time!).

The rip-stop canvas has arrived and work has begun on re-doing all of the tents. A BIG thank you and appreciation to our guests for putting up with the old tents for so long! The new tents will be wider, higher and longer!!! So yes Shelley – you will be able to dance in them!

Steve has come up with a great plan for the families – he is making a floor on the upper levels of the rooms and placing 2 x beds there – this will be for “youngish” children and will be safe and spacious !

Great Game |
With the lake level being so high, May and June were difficult months as far as game viewing is concerned as most of the tracks along the shoreline were inundated and we had lost most of our Panicum fields. However this is improving dramatically as the level drops the Panicum is “Peeping out” and our larger herds of Buffalo, Elephant and even the Zebra have all started returning to our “Garden of Eden”. The large male Lion that we keep seeing has unfortunately picked up a snare and is dragging some wire. Lucky for us the vets Lisa Marabini, Keith Dutlow and Barney “Mahara” the chopper pilot are around (having done some great but difficult work in the Matusadona National Park) and the wire will soon be removed! LATEST! the snare was removed by Mr. Lion himself ! Great news.

Our Leopards remain elusive and we have only had two sightings this month.

We continue to feed the animals stranded on the islands and with help from guests, friends, Bumi Hills and some corporates have kept our local Waterbuck and Bushbuck populations alive and well.

A BIG THANK YOU to all involved!

Musango Safari Camp’s owner and resident guide Steve Edwards, discovered a dinosaur fossil bed not too far from camp some years ago. These fossils have been identified by members of the London Natural History Museum with the leading Paleontologist there Dr. Angela Milner, identifying four species of dinosaur from Steve’s Fossil site with a possible fifth new to science!!!!!

With the lake level now dropping again Steve is excited about locating new fossils that may have been exposed by recent wave action and soil movement. Watch this space!!

Village Life |
Musango has managed to provide a heap of stationery, including books, pens, paper etc etc to the village for use in the school. We are now on a drive to source lap desks for the students as at present there are none.

For those who think there are few croc’s in Lake Kariba – now is the time to come and witness just how many of these reptiles inhabit the Lake. Due to the cold weather, every available shore with warming sun is occupied by one, but often multiple Crocodiles sunning themselves. Our hippos have also been feeling the cold and have taken to sharing the sunbathing spots with the crocodiles!