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“Let your past make you better, not bitter”



SEVEN ELEVEN – New & exciting goodies arriving daily, delicious new cheeses, salad sauces, sweet & savory biscuits and so much more. Come in and stock the fridge with these tasty treats!!!!

BATHROOM SCALE – Urgently looking for an accurate bathroom scale – new or second hand.  Please contact 0773492407

THE GARDEN OF EAT’N – **NEW** Salad Menu & a Snacks Menu. Delicious, healthy and refreshing salads just in time for summer! Order half portions of each to mix it up. Fantastic snacks menu with 10 different options can cater individually or for snack platters. Other new items on the menu include…. A Breakfast Pizza, Fish & Chips, Crocodile Schnitzel and Croc Kebabs. We now do takeaways and town centre lunch deliveries too. For any queries please call Kelly on 0777434636 J

CANVAS AND TENTS – Specialist in  Safari Tents, Boat Blinds, Boat Covers, Ceame Drive Covers, Bags, Back Packs, Awnings, Boat Engine Covers, Tarpaulins, Gazebos, Boat Life Rings and Beds and all your canvas works and repairs.
Contact Mr. A. Chivinda on 0712 049 655 or come to Zambezi Shell Service Station

BRIDGE FESTIVAL – Please note:
BRIDGE FESTIVAL – Sunday 11th Sept
Steam Train boards 09.15am (not 10.15am as previously mentioned)
Steam Train DEPARTS Vic Falls Station 09.30am sharp

So you can be at the Bridge in time for the Wales vs SA World Cup Rugby Kick off at 10.30am!!! See you there!!

COMPUPRO – VIC FALLS ROAD SHOW – CompuPro Bulawayo, is planning a Vic Falls Road Show. Where we will be displaying a wide range of IT products & wines on offer.
Date: 14\09\2011 Time: 17:30 for 18:00
If you are interested please email or call 0712 622 946 or 0712 622 948.
Also please feel free to contact us if you would like for us to come and visit your office during the course of the day.

LIFT NEEDED FROM LUSAKA TO LIVINGSTONE OR VIC FALLS – Frank and Jenny Holman are looking for a lift from Lusaka to Livingstone/Vic Falls around the middle of September.  Will help with expenses.  Please phone +260968477958 or email

PETER THE PLUMBER – For all your plumbing problems, please contact Peter the plumber on 0774 565 601. Comes highly recommended!!!!

HOTELSERVE – Hotelserve Back to School Specials

Nestle Milo Cereals 350g $3.64/ box
Nestle Milo Cereals 500g $4.49/ box

20% off all Nestle Chocolates.

CHRONICLE Newspaper FREE with purchase of $ 20.00

Great range . Competitive prices .  Personal service

TRADEPOWER Wholesale Victoria Falls .. THE CHOICE IS RIGHT

Tel .013 44870/1 or  0774 022312 Neil Norman /  0712 201114 Raphael Chitrin


Time to think about getting those aircons serviced before the onset of the heat, and avoid costly repair bills.
Competitive prices for new aircons and fridges sourced locally. We offer after sales service & full spares back-up.
All repairs, servicing and installations quality guaranteed.

Tel: Lionel 0775 729322 or email

SOLAR LIGHTING – Turn to solar for all your power needs. Tradepower Wholesale Vic Falls distribute the following quality equipment:
Camping lights Lawn lights Batteries Inverters Panels – Various Sizes Charger controllers
Contact us on 013 44870/1, Cell #’s : 0774 022 312 / 0712 587 123, or send an email to: Pay us a visit  at 439 Miles Road opposite Marange Motors in the Industrial sites

QUALITY HANDYMAN TOOLS AND HARDWARE – Our new range of Forge Brand hardware and tools available at Tradepower Victoria Falls. There is a wide range of good quality products, including padlocks, pliers, glass cutters, carpenter pincers, roller brushes, wood chisels and hammers and much more
Pay us a visit  at 439 Miles Road opposite Marange Motors in the Industrial sites. Contact us on 013 44870/1, Cell #’s : 0774 022 312 / 0712 587 123, or send an email to:


YELLOW FEVER POLICY CHANGE – Prevention of yellow fever in South Africa. Yellow fever is an infectious vector-borne disease that is caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito vector such as Aëdes aegypti. South Africa has a risk of introduction of the disease as the mosquito vector exists in the country. The South African Department of Health would like to inform you of the amendments to the yellow fever vaccination policy for travellers coming from yellow fever risk countries. Travellers from countries with low risk of yellow fever transmission still pose a risk of yellow fever importation into South Africa. Therefore South Africa has reviewed its yellow fever vaccination requirements policy, which will be effective from 1 October 2011. As of 1 October 2011, all travellers from and to Zambia, in addition to the list of
yellow fever risk countries below, will be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination (unless in possession of a valid waiver certificate). South Africa requires a valid yellow fever certificate from all citizens and non-citizens over one year of age:

• travelling from a yellow fever risk country (including low risk countries such as Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia); or
• having been in transit through a yellow fever risk country. The above requirements are in line with the International Health Regulations (IHR,
2005). The IHR requires countries at risk of yellow fever introduction to employ the following measures:

1.1 To obtain vaccination certificates from individuals travelling from areas determined by the WHO to be at risk of yellow fever transmission. As a result, South Africa will exercise the following measures for all travellers from yellow fever risk countries, who are unable to produce a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate at the port of entry:
• refuse entry; or
• quarantine until their certificate becomes valid, for a period of not more than six days; or
• those with an exemption certificate due to medical reasons will be :
– allowed entry
– required to report any fever or other symptoms to the health authorities
– be placed under surveillance.
NB: Definition of a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate –
vaccination should be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), and administered at a Yellow fever-approved vaccination centers at least 10 days before departure to South Africa. The vaccine offers protection 10 days after administration. If vaccination is administered less than 10 days before departure, the above-mentioned measures will be applied.
1.2 Disinfection of aircraft, ships, tyre casing consignments and other modes of transportation coming from yellow fever risk countries.

DRAFT ZESA PRESS STATEMENT SEPTEMBER 2011-09-03 (Was requested to be sent out to community)
ABUZ urge’s the Minister to ensure, in terms of prescribed legislation, and in the interest of all, that ZERC, ZEDTC and ZESA, forthwith rescinds their current unlawful tariff hikes. We substantiate this request with the following:
Sustainable and affordable electricity is the basic and constitutional right of all Zimbabweans particularly, and in this instance, industry and businesses. Not only is it their right, it is fundamental to the survival of the same. ZESA is the sole “licensed” supplier of electricity in Zimbabwe. ZESA is required, in terms of their “licence”, and the Electricity Act, to supply sustainable and affordable electricity. Sadly this is not the case. On the 2nd of March 2011, the Chronicle carried a story, wherein ZESA’s Chief Executive, Engineer Josh Chifamba, stated to the House of Assembly Portfolio Committee, that ZESA is bankrupt/insolvent. In terms of Section 51 (2)(d), and notwithstanding other relative sections of Cancellation of Licences, of the Electricity Act, ZERC are obliged to either cancel ZESA’s operating licence, or to take such steps as to remedy the situation, if in breach of the same. We quote the relevant section:
(2)(d) the financial position of the licensee is such that he is unable to fully and efficiently discharge the duties and obligations imposed upon him by the licence:
ZERC has not complied and is therefore in breach of the Act. Moreover, ZESA could in breach of the Companies Act by not following due process in terms of their confessed impecunity. Further, ZESA/ZERC continues to unilaterally increase tariffs, no matter the cost to industry and business. In terms of the Electricity Act, ZESA/ZERC must consult widely, before implementing tariffs increases. They have not, in fact they very seldom do. To substantiate, an article carried in The Chronicle, dated February the 23rd 2011, has Mr. Peter Mafunda, the ZERC Administrator, giving excuses as to why ZERC had not complied with this requirement, in their February attempt at tariff increases.
Whilst we castigate ZESA on a continual basis, and rightfully so, much blame lies with the regulatory authority, ZERC. We cite, as an example, the current state of affairs where ZERC has approved the current tariffs, yet some days later rescinds them. Albeit, that such rescinding of tariffs is to the benefit of the domestic consumer, one has to challenge the continual moving of the goal posts. Moreover, the aforegoing clearly indicates that this matter is a direct result of ZERC not consulting widely, as is required in law. These issues may be attributed, and credence lent to, CZI’s claim that ZERC is not duly constituted.
ZERC/ZESA are further required, in terms of Sections 53(6)(7) of the Electricity Act, and Section 10 of the Contract ZESA has with all consumers, to promulgate a Statutory Instrument in terms of any tariff changes. They have not. This fact, of non compliance, was supported by Mr. Mafunda, when quizzed by ABUZ about the same. He stated that ZERC/ZESA never has! ABUZ litigants have previously taken this matter, amongst other issues, to the High Court of Bulawayo. This matter is sub-judice.
It is noted, in a press statement, carried in the Financial Gazette, dated September 1-7 2011, CZI believes ZERC is not duly constituted, as already referred to in the aforegoing, and is on this basis, instructing it’s legal practitioners to take action to force ZEDTC to rescind their illegal tariff hikes. ABUZ fully supports the contents of their statement.
As stated, and elaborated on in a previous press statement, ABUZ is advised that the Competitions and Tariff Commission (CTC), has in terms of its litigations, against ZERC, ZEDTC and ZESA, obtained a High Court ruling in Case No HC 2740/1 wherein the High Court has registered the CTC’s rulings.
Subsequently, and in terms of the aforegoing, the applicant, CTC, has through its lawyers, instructed the Deputy Sheriff, of the High Court, to serve an Order of Execution on the plaintiffs, ZERC, ZEDTC and ZESA. Compliance with CTC’s rulings will ensure that ZERC,ZETDC, and ZESA, correct the erroneous inputs to their costing formulas. This will dramatically reduce the so called costs, with the required knock on effect of reducing tariffs.
As parties, who have a vested interest, ABUZ and other likeminded stakeholder organizations now demand that ZERC,ZEDTC, and ZESA, comply forthwith with the High Court rulings, and the Order of Execution thereof. We call upon the regulatory authority, and ZESA, to comply with the laws of the land, and in particular the rulings of the CTC and the High Court.
It is a sad day when all and sundry have to embark on legal action to ensure the suppliers of electricity comply with the law. It is inconceivable that the current state of affairs has been allowed to escalate, to the level it has. It has to stop. ZERC, ZEDTC, and ZESA, cannot expect the struggling business community, and the citizens of Zimbabwe, to fund ZESA’s recapitalization. We cannot and will not!

MOSI-OA-TUNYA IMPAIRMENT ORGANISATION – c/o Victoria Falls Town Council, P O Box 41, Vic Falls.
The above organization for people with disabilities is appealing for donations in cash or kind. School fees, disability accessories eg Wheel chairs, Crutches, Callipers, Artificial Limbs, Stump Socks, Lotions for Albinos.
Please contact: Chairman – Lovemore Ndlovu 0775 902 327 Secretary – Senzelwe Jubane 0772 814 536 Treasurer – Davison Zhangeta 0775 5858 429



Venue – Elephant Hills Golf Club, Victoria Falls
Date – 24 September 2011
Entrance for non- golfers $5

9.00AM Start of Tee off for “3 Ball Mexican Hat”
Start of “BMX races”
10.00AM Start of Tee off for “4 Ball Better Ball Stableford Competition”
Start of “Kids games”
11.00AM Opening of stalls by Halfway House.
Opening of the “Cowboy Bar”
“World Cup rugby” viewing from the Halfway House”
Start of the chipping and putting competition
5.30PM Prize giving for golf competitions and awarding of Trader’s Cup
7.00PM Start of Dinner Dance (Cover Charge $25)

Contacts : Dave Cooper
Sara Norton

Saturday the 24th of September 2011 at Elephant Hills.
US$15pp to enter the golf competition US$25pp for the dinner dance

Handicapped staple ford golf competition
Non handicapped Mexican Hat competition, teams of 4
Sponsored holes with entertainment, drinks & snacks provided at each hole
Chipping and Putting competition
BMX Race for Kids and stalls
Dinner Dance in the evening – “Includes a 3 course meal & Entertainment” – 7pm onwards
Elephant Hills Hotel is offering discounted rates!!!
Great prizes including weekends away, all inclusive safaris to Botswana, activities, hampers etc.

For further information or to book to play or sponsor a hole please contact:
Dave Cooper –
Sara Norton –

BRIDGE FESTIVAL –Sunday 11th September, Victoria Falls Bridge

Official Launch of Sun, Steel & Spray (Book on the History of the Victoria Falls Bridge)

FREE slides for kids all day
FREE Bridge Tours all day
FREE entry to Visitors Centre all day
Exhibition Jumps
Lots of fun and games for kids – face painting, jumping castle, etc
LIVE Band from 10am – 5pm

Steam Train to the Victoria Falls Bridge
Adults $10 per person each way
Kids for FREE
Steam Train ride to / from Victoria Falls Bridge
Free Bridge Tours upon arrival at Victoria Falls Bridge
Join in other fun activities at the Bridge
Departs VF Station at 9.30 am, returning at 1pm
To book Steam Train Excursion please call Stembile on 0712 750 228

KASANE GOLF CLUB – Kasane Golf Club would like to inform you that the annual Gary Harms Golf day will be held on Sept 17th, 2011 in Kasane.
Teams of 4 for Mexican hat competition.
Please contact Sharon or Grant Nel
Sharon – Kubu Lodge
Grant –

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