Kazungula Border Post

From http://www.tourismupdate.co.za
06 Tue, Sep 2011

Members of the tourism industry in Victoria Falls have come together to ensure immigration into the town will be both fast and efficient following concerns over delays at immigration at the Kazungula border. The industry will be working with the Immigration Office and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) office in Victoria Falls.

A Green Route has been established through the use of a tent, two tables and four chairs to assist non visa travellers and returning residents with their entry into the country. This was made possible by the Wilderness group’s non-profit organisation Children in the Wilderness. Immigration has also assigned two extra officers to the Green Route to help to alleviate the immigration delays.

The Victoria Falls Border from Zambia will be the next focus as most airlines fly into Livingstone Airport and transport almost 40% of guests coming to Zimbabwe.