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Due to the fact that Air Zimbabwe has literally collapsed in recent months there is now no easy access for people wanting to travel to Victoria Falls from Harare or the other way.

This is causing a problem for Tourism players in Victoria Falls who may be enjoying an upturn in numbers coming from outside of Zimbabwe’s borders but also rely on a the local market for a mixture of business in order to reach the occupancy levels required to make any profit. It also has caused problems for business people and families looking to travel this route.

Those companies and individuals that are still determined to visit the Falls from Harare are having to waste valuable time travelling by car or by bus to the resort town or having to cover the high costs of Air Charter.

The reason for the exorbitant cost of air charter is normally as a result of the “dead leg” caused by the one way use of the Aircraft being chartered. The company that charters the aircraft has to build into the cost of the flight a “return leg” or “dead leg”, which very often is empty of passengers, to return the aircraft to its airport origination.
There are four regular charter companies that ply the route between Harare and Victoria Falls. These being Solenta Air, Wilderness Air, Executive Air and Hallstead’s Air Charter.

In a recent move has set up a facility on the web site whereby all dead leg flights can be advertised and there by accessed by people wanting to get a seat on this route. This in turn should help to reduce the cost to the original party looking to charter the aircraft.

Another route to Victoria Falls is from Kariba where the option of the 24 hour Kariba Ferry is available, and is great fun for family and friends. Click here for more information on getting from Kariba to Victoria Falls.

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