To all residents of Victoria Falls and companies

Cans recycle

The Victoria Falls Green Fund working in collaboration with Environment Africa, Delta and Victoria Falls Municipality would like to advise residents and companies in Victoria Falls that a beverage can collection depot has been established in Victoria Falls. The depot is situated behind Chinotimba Community Hall in Chinotimba.

The project which started on 16 August 2011 is run by a group of dedicated men and women from ward 8 who have passion for making sure that Victoria Falls is kept clean and free of pollution for the current and future generations. We are calling upon all the big users of beverage cans to take their cans to the depot from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 11 am. The cans will be crushed using crushers before transporting them to Delta who will in turn recycle them with their partners at Collect A Can in South Africa.

Imagine the amount of energy and raw materials that will be saved because of can recycling. A recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for 3 hours. 5 recycled cans can save enough energy to run your TV for a full day. Can recycling also creates 97% less water pollution that producing new metals from ore.

Most of our cans are going to the dumpsite. The space at the dumpsite is limited and the volumes of cans that are dumped there every day are taking up a lot of space which we will not have in future. Crushing the cans and sending them for recycling will help us save land.

What you need to do:

· Avoid buying cans: If you can’t resist the temptation buy the can

· Drink it

· Rinse it and put it in can collection receptacle at home, school or work.

· Crush the can if you have a crusher

· Put this in a clean bag or container

· Drop the bag at the collection depot

· If you don’t have a crusher, rinse the cans, put in a clean bag and send to the depot

· Talk to your children and family about recycling and why we need to look after the environment. Please read this email to them.

Remember: Every three seconds a baby is born. In that time 140 cans were born.

Insert by:

Green Fund and Environment Africa Communications Unit

Publicity Association Offices, Parkway Drive , Victoria Falls

Call Namo or Edith on 0712 042 880