Dear All,

The new diesel pump at no.1 waterhole

In our last update we advised that Ian and Mary Linda Gloss had undertaken to install a diesel pump at No.1 waterhole in Chamabonda Park. We are thrilled to advise that the pump has been installed and is now fully operational. Sincere thanks go to both of them for this generous donation which will benefit the town of Victoria Falls in a number of ways. We would like to also thank Trevor Lane for all his help with the project in supplying and transporting diesel to the pump.

A variety of game began visiting the waterhole immediately including elephant, buffalo and sable antelope. This is great news!

We also applaud the assistance given by Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management Ranger Chuma at Chamabonda.

Trevor Lane has very kindly agreed to manage the logistics for Chamabonda.

Attached are some photos of the pump and waterhole


Volunteers are urgently required from FOVF membership to assist in taking diesel to the pump. The pump is located approximately 18km from town. A roster for this task will be drawn up. Many members indicated in their response forms a willingness to participate in FOVF projects. Please get in touch with Trevor as soon as possible. E-mail: Phone: 0712 208394

Donations of diesel for the Chamabonda project will be gratefully received. The quantity required is 50 litres per week until the start of the rainy season

A second pump has been offered which it is hoped will be installed soon

No.1 Waterhole, Chamabonda Park

Materials are required for refurbishing the hide at #3 waterhole. Please contract Trevor Lane in this regard

As FOVF we have our first opportunity to get a good project going here. Please do not be slow in coming forward and getting involved

Yours sincerely,

Friends of Vic Falls, Committee