News from a field correspondent

Zimbabwe Department for National Parks and Wildlife

Zimbabwe’s Department for National Parks and Wildlife Anti poaching team have once again come up trumps. They tracked and located a team of poachers near to Robins Camp in Hwange National Park. After a brief contact in which one of the poachers is believed to have been shot and injured, the poachers dropped their belongings, including two sets of large Elephant Tusks and an AK47 assault rifle. The poachers disappeared into the nearby bush however National Parks are confident that they will catch up with them as they have a crack tracking team on the case, the danger however is that these poachers manage to escape to nearby Hwange Town where they will disappear into the population there. If any persons have information that may lead to the location of these and other poachers please contact your nearest National parks offices. The Ivory has been reported and registered by the local police as well as a full report of the incident by the National Parks staff.