Victoria Falls

As you read this, Dr. Bill Molpus is returning home from yet another medical mission trip to Africa. “I didn’t plan to return so soon,” he told me, “but they needed a dentist and what could I say.”

The following is an account of the trip he made on which he “walked with the lions.”

In his words, “As the plane touched down, I realized that this was my sixth visit to the African continent, but my first visit to South Africa. South Africa is a country as well as a geographical area of which Johannesburg is the capitol. June is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and I was ready for it!

Having taken the advice of a friend, I was prepared with a coat and a fleece. Spent the night in Joburg and flew the next day to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. I looked out the window of the plane and saw what looked like smoke from a huge grass fire, but it was the mist from the Falls.

No wonder they call it the smoke that thunders. We were greeted at the airport by native dancers, singing and dancing to jungle drums. Yep, I believe this is Africa!

Our hotel is the famous Victoria Falls Hotel built by the British in 1904 – old world charm and elegance. Half expected to run into Stanley on Livingstone at any time. When you look at the Falls, you are across a gorge and at the same level as the top of the Falls.

It is as though the earth cracked and split open and the waters from the Zimbaz River fell into the opening creating the Falls. The mist is like constant rain and the long yellow raincoats are a must. The Falls, the mist and the rainbow create a scene that is unforgettable.

More to do and see – walking with the lions, riding elephants, the helicopter ride over the Falls, and the sundowner cruise on the Zimbazi River. (Dr. Molpus learned the lesson well about all work and no play!).

Now it is time to go to Botswana. The Chobe Safari Lodge is our destination. The early morning game drive was the highlight of our stay in Botswana. It was freezing cold in spite of all the clothes and the blanket.

The vehicle was a special 4-wheel drive safari truck, open with a top. Our guide warns us that there is no guarantee as to what animals we will see, hopefully we will see something. As it turned out, we saw a lot – impalas, giraffes, elephants, hippo, kudus, lions, wild dogs, jackals, cape buffaloes, and lots of exotic birds.

We left Botswana and drove back to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Our flight to Bulawayo (the town where the mission was to take place) was canceled so we had to fly back to Joburg in South Africa, spend the night and then fly down there from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. So now I am entering Zimbabwe for the third time on this trip. That means three visas. Oh, well, this is adventure travel!

Our hotel in Bulawayo is nice and the food excellent. We will travel each day to the villages which are about two hours out in the brush. The people are wonderful and friendly and appreciative. It is a blessing to help these folks.

Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Fla. has an extensive mission outreach in Bulawayo and the surrounding villages.

Joyce Meyer’s Hand of Hope has partnered with Celebration Church to help these people in this part of Zimbabwe. Hand of Hope provides food to feed 23,000 children “every day” and Celebration Church folks prepare and serve the food. Every year Hand of Hope sends a medical/dental team into the area to provide basic care and medicines for several thousand people.

Celebration Church sends teams from Florida four or five times per year. These two organizations can do so much more working together than working alone.

We had a young local dentist to help us and we were able to see about 600 dental patients a day. My lawn chair was damaged in the flight, but with the help of a lot of duct tape it worked out great.

Another supernatural experience for me as I saw God performing miracle after miracle at the tip of my forceps. He puts His Super on my natural and these difficult teeth come right out. No electricity, no drills, no suction and no running water – it’s amazing! In fact, it’s Amazing Grace!”

It’s Christian love in action. How the Lord must love Dr. Bill Molpus. Amen and Amen.