Debree Kluge
August 11th, 2011

Insurance Policy

While you think you’re planning the perfect holiday, unforeseen circumstances can throw a damper on your trip – which is why it is especially important to keep in mind the terms and conditions of your to travel insurance.

South Africans planning to travel to London have been advised to postpone their trips, the international relations and cooperation
department has said amid violent riots which have gripped the
British capital.

As the first rioters are jailed after what has been described as the worst riots in decades, the South African High Commission in Britain is on alert to assist South Africans who require assistance in the UK. Those needing assistance can contact the department’s consular section for information and updates on 012 351 1000.

Travellers to Greece were also recently warned to check with their insurance
companies whether they were covered for expenses incurred due to the
strikes in Athens against the proposed austerity measures to save the
Greek economy.

Travel insurance is often the last thing we think about and is often a last minute quickly-pick-the-cheapest-internet-option tick on your list.

Even though it’s tedious, take the time to read the fine-print before you need to make that all important call to claim for your travel losses – only to be told that you’re not covered.

As South Africans, the frustration of prolonged strikes hits close to home and it is not something we wish to deal with on holidays. When strikes occur over a prolonged period, it becomes a known event, and is not covered by some travel insurance policies. This brings us back to the small print.

Travel insurance mostly revolves around medical treatment abroad and baggage loss. While it’s important to check that you are sufficiently covered in these areas, don’t forget to check your insurance’s Cancellation or Curtailment policy.

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) also advises that you check the policy’s exclusions.This is particularly important regarding “Cancellation or Curtailment”.

While most insurance policies will cover costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances, make sure that your expenses will be covered if a part of your trip has to be cancelled due to known circumstances in a particular country. If it’s known circumstances that have been the order of the day for quite a while, like the strikes in Greece, some insurers will argue that you had ample time to make other arrangements – and will therefore not cover any costs incurred.