By Kristen Opalinski | July 22, 2011

Lutheran Churches

Church leaders from across the sub-region, LUCSA partners and staff personel have descended on the town of Livingstone, Zambia for the week-long event. Leaders from most of LUCSA’s 16 member churches are present to engage in the various issues facing the LUCSA communion and the sub-region as a whole. This year’s partnership delegation includes LWF, ELCA, and VELKD among other guests.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Taking LUCSA into the Future”. Various reports will be delivered throughout the week to shed light on what taking LUCSA into the future means and the process by which it can be achieved.

Thursday evening’s opening address was given by Rev. Dr. Noko to discuss the possibility of establishing a Lutheran university within the sub-region. Members of the council discussed what would be needed to start this process and the proposed time line for developing such an establishment.

On Friday the council convened by starting with a roll call and introduction of staff personnel. The session continued with the presidential address by Bishop Moenga followed by the keynote speech delivered by Rev. Kasper (LUCSA’s Christian Education Coordinator). The Executive Director, Bishop Ramashapa, gave his report on the state of LUCSA, its future outlook, and proposed strategic path forward in the afternoon. Along the way participants broke into groups to discuss various issues highlighted in the day’s reports, including the areas of HIV & AIDS, malaria, gender rights, diakonia, poverty alleviation, climate change/food security, Christian education, advocacy, and human rights.

Friday’s session concluded with a worship service and holy communion lead by Bishop Kipaila (LECA) & Rev. Chana (ELCZa), our Zambian hosts for this year’s council.