From The Automobile Association

Travelling Southern Africa by road can be a wonderful experience, but to stay safe you should be aware of all the relevant regulations and precautions. Some countries have specific regulations regarding taking your vehicle across the border, and this often involves paperwork that should be planned well in advance.

Everything you need to know about the documentation required when crossing various borders is available in this cross border information document.

Necessary stickers, triangles & safety gear

ZA Sign

It is compulsory for any South African vehicle, caravan or trailer to have a ZA sign displayed when it crosses any of the borders. The ZA sign must be placed on the rear of each vehicle, caravan and trailer in a visible position and may not be within 150mm of the rear number plate.

Warning Triangles

When travelling in Mozambique with a vehicle in tow, you are required to display aset of blue & yellow warning triangles. One triangle must be placed on the front right bumper of the vehicle and the other on the rear of the vehicle towed.

Trailer Signs

When travelling in Zimbabwe and towing any caravan or trailer, you will be required to display a set of T-signs. The white T-sign must be placed on the extreme right of the caravan or trailer whilst the red T-sign must be placed on the extreme right rear of the same caravan or trailer.

Red Warning Triangles

When travelling with any South African registered vehicle in Mozambique you will need to have a set of red warning triangles in your possession.

Regulations as follows:

Each side of your triangle must be 500mm long and 50mm wide, with a thickness of roughly 5mm.
The triangle must be uniformly-covered in red reflective material.
The back of the triangle must either be uniformly white, or have a 5mm-wide white border.
The edge of the triangle must be yellow.
The reflective surfaces must be well-maintained.
The triangle must be visible from at least 100m in the presence of light.

Yellow Jacket

It is now compulsory for motorists to carry the reflective jackets when travelling to Mozambique. Your reflective vest must be made from polyester and it must be closable at the front and adjustable on all sides.

The vest must be equipped with polyvinyl reflective strips, no less than 400mm wide, in yellow or green on the front, to the sides, and on the back of the vest. The vest must be worn when at the scene of a car accident, when repairing your vehicle on the side of the road, and when reloading cargo that has fallen from your vehicle on to the road.

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