July 19th, 2011

Explosive Implants

That pair of double D’s you’re eyeing could soon be more than just the cause of a spike in your heart rate, it could damn well kill you! Talk about fatal attraction… According to The Week, English spies have found that one of Al Qaeda’s latest terror plans involves surgically altering women’s breasts with explosive-filled implants.

Why? Because this is one more sneaky way terrorists are able to find a loop hole in the already tight airport security system. These ‘tatas of terror’ as one reader dubs them, are only detectable on X-Ray machines and not on the airport scanners we know and hate. The alternative will then be to rely on different procedures for the ‘well endowed’ or alternatively profiling and searching potential boob bombers. Don’t plot changing your career just yet guys, this profiling and searching will obviously be carried out by females.

A good question to ask is once the implants are in – what then? Experts argue that all a surgically enhanced terrorist would need is a small amount of liquid accelerant. By jabbing a pen filled with this ingredient into her explosive mammary, they will easily go va-va-BOOM!

Should we be afraid? Tell us what you think.