2011 18:05


Spar Zimbabwe will starting Thursday hold a convention for retailers under the franchise in Victoria Falls for networking and interfacing within the chain.
The meeting will run until July 10 2011.

Spar guild of grocers chairman Evan Christophides said local operators would get the opportunity to interface with delegates from Spar International.

“We expect retailers, suppliers and international guests to engage each other and network during the convention as well as to share ideas on retail innovations and global trends,” said Christophides.

He said the main focus of the convention will be on the impact retail has on the environment when it comes to packaging, waste management, electricity usage and the general welfare of the country.

“This year, Spar Zimbabwe will be honoured with the presence of Dr Gordon Campbell, chief executive officer of Spar International,” said Christophides
He said Spar convention key speakers would focus on all aspects of engaging with retailers, suppliers, the environment and the public.

Speakers at the event include Campbell, who is expected to deliver an address on the world of Spar and its business network across the globe, in addition to outlining the latest retail trends and best retail practice around the world.

Other regional and local speakers will focus on engaging with the Spar brand through store design, advertising, building brands, promotions, marketing, corporate social responsibility and new retail supermarket formats.

“Spar retailers will benefit from being exposed to international and regional speakers and to sharing ideas with other retailers and suppliers,” Christophides added