By Meagan Kars

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Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

Which of the two countries offers the best Victoria Falls experience, and why?

The illustrious Zambezi River flows placidly between Zimbabwe and Zambia, with both countries sharing a portion of one of the world’s largest – and most beautiful – natural attractions, The Victoria Falls.

Vic Falls is a tourist hot spot and apart from witnessing the greatest heap of cascading water on earth, travellers can also participate in an array of other activities such as adrenaline-fuelled pursuits like bungee jumping, white water rafting and canoeing, while more serene adventurers would appreciate guided tours, game drives and walking trails… to name but a few of the options.

Which side is better?

Zimbabwe: With an abundance of plush hotels and contemporary infrastructure, Zim springs to mind automatically when talking about Vic Falls.

Distinct pathways and sublime views means that this side presents the ‘postcard feature’ of the waterfall that we all know and fancy.  And, if that’s not tempting enough, accessibility to and from the sight is far easier.

Zambia: While it may not have quite the same picturesque setting, visiting Vic Falls from the Zambian side does offer some advantages.

Zim’s current political crisis is seen by many as an obstacle, and because demand isn’t as high in Zambia, everything is a lot cheaper – and hey, who doesn’t love a good bargain…?

The country is known for its soaring cliffs and spilling waters… Visitors are also encouraged to catch a glimpse and experience Livingstone Island, the Boiling Pot, the Mukuni Craft Village and the renowned Field Museum.

But, perhaps you have your own insight… Perhaps you’ve visited the spectacle and have a few recommendations and words of advice? Go on… Share your opinion below.

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Victoria Falls should be seen!