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Other attractions :

  • In Luanda: the Mussulo island for clean tropical beaches and water sports, the Benfica Market for Kwanza River.
  • Eco Tur Angola do various tours Angola including Kissama with specialist game viewing vehicles.
  • In Benguela: Baia Azul for beautiful desert beaches. Art deco architecutre in Beguela. Lobito City for the Restinga Penisnula and ice cold draught Cuca beer, the Benguela Rail road.
  • In Kwanza Sul – Cubal Canyon, Conde Hot springs and Cachoeiras / Binga Waterfalls, with the Cambambe Dam on River Kwanza. Waku Kungo plains
  • In Malange – Kalandula Waterfalls and Pungo n’Dongo Black Stones.
  • In Huila – Serra de Leba, Tunbda Vala Gorge, Mumuila tribes people
  • In Namibe – Arco Lagoon, beaches and a desert, and Mucubais Tribes People.
  • In Huambo – City Tours, Alto Hama hot springs
  • In Cunene – Himba tribes peoople, Ruacana Falls